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Saturday, October 21, 2017


FIT Counseil has the capacity to mobilize significant human and technical resources to complete major projects.

our activities


 Code Administratif        Property Management
  • Identification of beneficial owners and assigns 
  • Amicable negotiations: Acquisitions, Easements 
  • Approval by: Temporary Occupations, ASF, ect. 
  • Public inquiries: DUP and Parcel 
  • Regulatory monitoring and Council: Right Soil, Real Estate Law, Rural Law, Law on Planning, Taxation
 tacheo        Topography
  • Differente Scale mapping - 1/100 up to 1/1000. 
  • Sectional elevation structure (1/50-1/100)
  • Profiles across rivers (major and minor river bed)
  • Land surveys on majors Public work projects (roads corridors, civil engeneering structures... )
  • Polyogonal implementation (planimétry et Altimétry)
  • State of the art technologies usage (double total station, robotic, static GPS, real-time TERIA,static level  and mobile Scanning)
 MNT        Photogrammetry
  • Aerial Photo Acquisition vertical or oblique
  • Aerial Lidar acquisition coupled or not 
  • Production of topographic maps 
  • DTM, DSM 
  • orthophotos 
  • 3D Models 
  • Drone surveys
  • Satellite Imagery

        Condominium Management support

  • Interior statement 
  • Calculation of assessments - parts 
  • Joint ownership and overhaul (off plan) 
  • Assistance to the Trustee (AG) 
  • Update settlement copropiété



       Real Estate - OPS

  • Technical Management: Audit techniques, energy 
  • Benefits surveyor: Plans, surfaces, volumes and condominium 
  • Regulatory environment: Diagnostics work before sale, lease or rental of fixtures and encryptions




       Land Management

  • Land classification and identification of landlords
  • Classement des terres et identification des ayants-droits
  • Basic plan
  • Land diagnosis
  • Zoning of woodland, farmland, populated areas...






  • Road network studies
  • Underground networks
  • PSite plans (logitudinal profiles, book peeling...)
  • Technical files production
  • Map/plan update







FIT Conseil
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Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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